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Probate Litigation

Protect Your Loved One’s Assets

If you are the executor to a loved one’s estate, you may not know where to start. You may know that the estate must go through probate: this is a process by which the estate is administered. However, what does the process entail in Texas? What does it require from you?

At The Neel Law Firm, we are experienced probate litigation attorneys, and can answer your questions and take on the probate process on your behalf.

Skillful Representation Throughout The Probate Process

Probate involves several steps, including:

  • The discovery of assets. Whether or not the deceased had a will, the court must investigate and outline assets.
  • Investigation of heirs. The individuals named in the will must be located.
  • Paying any taxes and liabilities. Outstanding debts and taxes are paid out of the estate first.
  • Retitling of assets. This means the distribution of the assets and property, and is the last step of probate.

A large part of the probate process takes place in the courtroom, as it is a form of litigation. Our team includes two attorneys who previously served as prosecutors in Corpus Christi, giving them the courtroom experience that a good probate attorney must have. Additionally, our team has experience in real estate law, allowing us to address any property concerns throughout the process easily.

Furthermore, probate can be an emotionally difficult process. Because our firm is small, we can offer the personal attention that will make the process easier for you.

Get Help From A Probate Attorney

Probate does not have to be a stressful process. A skilled probate lawyer can take on the burden for you. Call our Fredericksburg office at 830-856-2548 today, or email us, to arrange a meeting.